Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca in Kahramanmaraş


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca held a press conference at Kahramanmaraş Provincial Health Directorate, and said that health services are provided with 13 state, 1 university, 7 field hospitals, as well as 8 community health centers, 77 family health centers and 101 health houses in the city.

In his statement, Minister Koca noted that the Türkoğlu and Nurhak State hospitals were heavily damaged, and the Necip Fazıl City Hospital continues to provide services, adding that there are 120 pharmacies throughout the province, as well as pharmacies of field hospitals and mobile pharmacies at 14 different points, and that there is no problem in the supply of medicines.

“1789 surgeries were performed in Kahramanmaraş due to the reasons arising from the disaster. The total number of applications to health facilities is 54 thousand 18, of which 48 thousand 223 are urgent. Our service bed occupancy rate is 23 percent and our intensive care bed occupancy rate is 28 percent throughout the province. We have sufficient capacity. Our 9 hospitals continue to provide home health services. Since the first day of the disaster, 559 patients have been provided with home health services. Ambulances are sent to our villages every other day to carry out health screening and chronic patient follow-up. 61 mobile medical teams visit 473 villages every other day.”

“Please do use the mains water as drinking water”

Stating that the chlorine rate was sufficient in 1354 of the 1533 water samples taken from the city, Dr. Koca continued his words as follows:

“Microbiological and chemical analyzes of water samples are performed here in the Kahramanmaraş Central Public Health Laboratory. These analyzes reveal that the use of tap water as drinking water is risky. Of the water samples taken, 176 were found unsuitable. Some have microbiological or chemical incompatibility. Based on scientific findings, necessary precautions are taken. I would like to repeat my insistent warning here, let's not use the mains water as drinking water until the governorship and district governorships make a statement.”

Stating that tetanus vaccines were administered to the earthquake victims and the officials working in the debris in the earthquake area, Dr. Koca pointed out that people who were injured in the earthquake, albeit very slightly, should not neglect the tetanus vaccine.

Dr. Koca also said that the use of masks should not be neglected in debris removal works, and that N95 masks can be obtained from healthcare teams.

Updated: 01/03/2023