Assoc. Prof. Şuayıp BİRİNCİ

Deputy Minister

Şuayıp Birinci was born in Rize in 1973. He completed his primary and secondary education in Rize and Trabzon, and his university education at Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine. After becoming a medical doctor, he pursued a master's degree in "Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship" and completed a master's and doctoral degree in "Healthcare Institutions Management."

Being an associate professor in his field, Birinci started his professional career in 1998. He worked as a physician in various public institutions in Rize and Istanbul. He held positions such as Deputy Chief Physician at Ümraniye EA Hospital (2005-2009), Deputy Director at Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate (2009-2012), and General Secretary at TKHK Istanbul Anatolian North Region (2012-2014).

In the Central Organization of the Ministry of Health, he served as Deputy Undersecretary (2014-2018) and was appointed Deputy Minister of Health in August 2018, a position he currently holds. During his tenure at the Ministry, he was responsible for setting strategies and goals, planning, regulation, and coordination.

Dr. Birinci is a member of the executive board of Teknofest and has been instrumental in organizing health technology and artificial intelligence competitions. He is the founder and executive board member of TÜSAP, Türkiye's first think-tank organization on health policies and management. He is also a board member of TÜRKSAT and serves as the chairman of the Izmir Biomedicine and Genomics Center. In 2021, he was selected as one of the 50 most influential leaders shaping the future of healthcare by HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society).

Dr. Birinci, who has been leading Türkiye’s "Digital Transformation in Healthcare" process, has personally designed and successfully implemented numerous IT projects that are considered regional and global examples in the digital health journey. These projects include e-Nabız, Teleradiology, SBA, MİZ, HSYS, ESİM, REÇETEM, Beyaz Kod, ASOS, SİNA, EKİP, e-Rapor Sistemi, HYP, MELİS, Korona Önlem, FİTAS, RUHSAD, ÖZDES, Sağlık Pano, Hayat Eve Sığar, Dr. e-Nabız, AŞILA, NeyimVar?, EVS, Afet Destek and have contributed to the adoption of a "culture of managing with information" in all areas of health.

Dr. Birinci has published numerous books, articles, and scientific studies on various topics, including health management, digitalization in healthcare, health economics, national technology initiatives in health, healthy living, health improvement and preventive health services, treatment services, telehealth, and the future of healthcare, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Birinci is married and has three children.