Minister of Health Koca Met Minister of Health of Azerbaijan


Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca met Minister of Health of Azerbaijan Teymur Musayev who paid his first official visit. Following bilateral meeting, “Protocol Between the Government of the Republic of Türkiye and the Government of Azerbaijan” for 2022 – 2023 was signed. Joint Working Group was formed in order to put action plan into force.

Minister Koca said that the relations between two countries would gain momentum with the action plan they have just signed. Koca also stated “the desire for joint working and strong friendship bonds between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and İlham Aliyev lead the relation between the Ministries to last positively” and added:

“Throughout the outbreak, members of Scientific Advisory Board got together and views were exchanged. The coronavirus outbreak is about to end by acting in solidarity. I hope that we will witness all together to end the outbreak soon. Our robust health infrastructure and devoted healthcare professionals were our great upholders. We are also proud to be one of the leading countries to manufacture its own vaccine named Turkovac. In fact, this proud belongs to both brother countries, one nation, that’s to say, for all of us. On the occasion of this event, I would like to thank you for your cooperation to conduct Phase-III trials of Turkovac in Azerbaijan.”

Underlining that they have started to carry out the activities related to Turkish Medical World Congress to be held in Istanbul, in October, Minister Koca offered to organize “Joint Health – Business Forum” in Azerbaijan.

Noting “both Coronavirus outbreak and Russia – Ukraine War have revealed that it is of great importance to fulfil all the needs in the field of health, particularly drugs, medical devices and supplies procurement. It, once again, shows us to act in solidarity”, Minister of Health Koca emphasized to develop the cooperation in the field of drugs, medical devices and supplies, vaccine, health IT, health investments and service procurement, international patient treatment through Health Business Forum.

Guest Minister Musavey expressed his appreciation to be in brother country for his first foreign travel. Stating “I thank you for your huge support during outbreak. We will always remember your brotherly support”, Musayev also said that Turkovac trials conducted in Azerbaijan would have good outcomes. Guest Minister also stated that he would welcome the organization of Türkiye – Azerbaijan Joint Health Business Forum this year.

Following the meeting, signature ceremony was held.                     

Updated: 23/05/2022