President Erdoğan Opens Erzurum City Hospital


In his speech, Erdoğan noted that he was glad to be in Erzurum after 2.5 years and said,"We are striving to bring Erzurum, the city of civilizations, to the level it deserves in education, health, justice, security, trade, industry, culture, sports, art, and any other field. Because Erzurum is a building block of Turkey. It is the conscience of the Turkish nation, and the northern star of the region. If Erzurum is on its feet, it means that Turkey is in peace and security. If Erzurum is in pain, then we are all in danger. For this purpose, we are obliged to make Erzurum strong, and help it develop. To this aim, today we are holding a ceremony to open a variety of works and services in Erzurum."

Erdoğan noted that a monumental city hospital was built with a 1574 bed capacity, 385 thousand square meters of indoor area, and a parking lot of 3.500 cars.

Call to follow COVID-19 rules and get vaccinated

At the opening ceremony, Minister Koca said that Erzurum represented unity and solidarity.

"Erzurum is the stronghold of the National Struggle and the loudest voice of our unity and solidarity. What kept the people of Erzurum together is our love for this land, our solidarity, and the experience of fighting together", said Koca noted that in the last 19 years, 103 healthcare facilities had been put into service, 4 healthcare facilities were being built, and 5 healthcare facilities were in the project development stage.

Minister Koca pointed out that everyone was witnessing President Erdoğan's dreams for Erzurum coming true, and continued,

"The Erzurum City Hospital will be opened by the owner of this vision, President Erdoğan. Today, we are taking the 1072-bed city Hospital and the renovated 502-bed hospital into service in Erzurum. Today is a blessed day for Erzurum, when a health capacity worthy of Erzurum will come to life. In addition, 95 percent of the construction of the Köprüköy Hospital has been completed and it is planned to be commissioned within 2 months.”

Minister Koca drew attention to COVID-19 measures and said, "Today, what we can do is to follow the measures and get vaccinated as soon as possible. The people of Erzurum, I invite you to the front lines of our fight against the pandemic. Let's follow the measures, and get vaccinated as soon as possible."

Updated: 26/07/2021