Health Minister Koca Meets Parliamentary Correspondents


Delivering a statement about the claim that 1 million doses of Chinese vaccines were billed to the State Supply Office (DMO) for USD 12 each, Minister Koca said,"During the pandemic, I have always tried to remain at the center to serve 83 million people. Unfortunately, there are those who want to confuse people and politicize things.

There is nothing that we cannot be transparent about towards the public. I do not find this approach, which disrupts unity and solidarity, moral. There is nothing we cannot be transparent about. I am in favor of continuing to fight together with 83 million people. And we will all succeed."

When reminded about the opposition's request to inform the General Assembly of the Parliament about the COVID-19 response, Koca said, "I'll be wherever I am asked."

With regard to the critisism about the lack of social distance at the funeral of Muhammed Emin Saraç, Koca continued,"For the pandemic, we know how the disease and transmission progresses. We know that the virus spreads faster indoors, which is what we have been saying all this time. I could not foresee that such a picture would come out of the funeral. Should I have foreseen it? Yes, I should have. That is my fault. I would like to apologize everyone. What we should do is to sacrifice and contribute to the response by trying to avoid indoor and crowded spaces."


Updated: 25/02/2021