Midwives and Nurses from 81 Provinces convenes at Iftar


Deputy Ministers of Health Prof. Dr. Muhammet Guven, Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Mese and Halil Eldemir participated in the Iftar organization on occasion of the 12 May Nurses Days.
“Approximately 128 thousand nurses and more than 50 thousand midwives are currently working within at the affiliated institutions and facilities of the Ministry. With their modern working environment and advanced physical conditions, the City Hospitals are highly mentioned and referred to on the world's health agenda” said Prof. Dr. Guven in his speech about the provision of high-quality health services in Turkey. 
“We encourage vocational training and specialization to make sure that our nurses and midwifes have the qualifications far ahead the world standards. Health service delivery is a sociological fact, and we acknowledge its role and importance in the social structuring, and your role is especially important for the education of the communities. 
Despite all their efforts and sacrifices, nurses and midwifes are sometimes subject to violence like the other healthcare professionals, and as the Ministry of Health we have taken all legal measures to prevent this.”
Prof. Dr. Guven also mentioned about the challenges of being a woman working in the health sector. 
“I personally would like to express my gratitude to all nurses and midwifes on behalf of the Ministry of Health. We cannot thank you enough. Before concluding my words, I would like to celebrate the Week of Nurses and Midwifes again” added Prof. Dr. Guven. 
Following the speech of the Deputy Minister, Midwife Fatma Marankoz and Nurse Selda Alkan shared some of their memories and professional experiences with their colleagues. 
Around 300 people, including nurses and midwives, health directors and officials of the central organization, attended the dinner.  



Updated: 17/05/2019