Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca Visits Mardin


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca visited Mardin.

Minister Koca, who made a statement to the press after his visit to the governor's office, stated that they continued to visit the cities with the aim of making the healthcare services more advanced and more qualified all over Türkiye.

Emphasizing that the spirit of medicine which "treats people without discrimination" has always been the motto of healthcare services, and that the state used all its power for its people during the pandemic, Minister Koca stated “Türkiye’s health infrastructure has been experiencing a 22-year period of stable growth and modernization under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the understanding of ‘people first, health first’.”

“The rate of service the people receive is the same in Mardin as in Ankara and İstanbul"

Koca stated “The average age of healthcare facilities in Mardin is 12 and while the number of qualified beds was 6 percent of the number of beds in all healthcare facilities in 2002, today it has reached approximately 70 percent of the total number of beds. In Mardin, this rate has reached 86 percent. When we look at the present from 2002, the rate of service received by the people who apply to the hospital is the same in Mardin as in Ankara and İstanbul. Also, the rate of consulting a dentist is similar in Mardin to what it is in Muğla and İzmir.

"We are trying to put Mardin City Hospital into service as soon as possible"

Minister Koca added; “Since 2002, a total of 37 healthcare facilities including 10 hospitals, 5 additional buildings, 1 Oral and Dental Health Center and 21 primary health care centers have been built in Mardin, the bed capacity of the hospitals has been increased to 1746, the number of specialist doctors, physicians and other healthcare professionals has increased from 1250s to 7 thousand 700s” then he stated as follows:

“We increased the capacity of Training and Research Hospital in Artuklu from 400 to 700 beds with an additional service building. We are working hard to put Mardin City Hospital with 750 beds into service as soon as possible. Furthermore, we will put Kızıltepe State Hospital with 110 beds, Nusaybin and Midyat Oral and Dental Health Centers into service for the citizens from Mardin.

Remote health application "Telemedicine" starts

Making a statement about the "Telemedicine" application allowing patients to carry out some activities remotely, online and without having to go to the hospital, Koca drew attention to the importance of this system in terms of the need for remote reports and prescriptions, especially for monitored and chronic patients.

Visit from Minister Koca to the construction of Mardin City Hospital

Minister Koca examined the progress of the ongoing Mardin City Hospital project on site and received information from the authorities.

Then, Koca visited the patients receiving treatment at Mardin Training and Research Hospital and met with healthcare professionals.

Minister Koca attended the "Youth Meeting" in Mardin and visited the tradesmen

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca met with young people in Kasımiye Madrasa and visited the tradesmen in the city.

Emphasizing that Mardin is one of the rarest cities of the world, Koca said, "Being Muslim, Assyrian, Chaldean, Yazidi, Jew in terms of religious belief or Kurdish, Arab, Chechen, Armenian in terms of ethnic origin doesn’t make anyone ‘other’ in Mardin.”

"Never forget that you are the people who lived their youth at the turning point of Türkiye's history. You are the first young generation of the Century of Türkiye. Your country has a lot to offer you in this century. What they expect from you is equally great.”


Updated: 12/09/2023