Health Minister Fahrettin Koca Speaks at the Groundbreaking Ceremony in Hatay


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca addressed the public at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Earthquake Housing and New State Hospitals in Iskenderun, attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other officials.

Concerning the rapid action taken in the aftermath of the earthquake, Dr. Koca said “A flock of volunteers and health personnel from all over the country took their place in the struggle in the earthquake zone. On-site emergency medical services were quickly organized. In the field hospitals established, the first interventions of the injured were made and they were transferred to other centers via land, air and sea corridors. The number of injured, who were transferred from the region to other provinces, reached 52 thousand in total, of which 20 thousand were from Hatay. This is an unprecedented evacuation operation. More than 5.5 million people have been provided with healthcare services in the earthquake zone since February 6th.”

Arsuz, Hassa and Belen state hospitals provide health services

Minister Koca stated that the hospital buildings, which were confirmed to be safe in the districts, started to serve after the necessary repairs were made, and said, "The 100-bed Arsuz, 100-bed Hassa and 30-bed Belen state hospitals, which were built before the earthquake and quickly completed and put into operation after the earthquake, are currently providing health services."

Explaining that they provide service with field hospitals in some settlements, especially in Antakya, Dr. Koca stated that they will meet the city's permanent hospital needs as soon as possible.

For this purpose, Koca continued his words as follows:

"The Antakya Hospital has been planned as a 400-bed capacity with a closed area of approximately 54 thousand square meters on a 22 thousand square meter residential area. We aim to complete this hospital, which will be built as a two-storey steel construction, together with the accompanying accommodation areas, until 10 May. The Defne Hospital with 300 bed capacity will be built and ready for service in a short time with 80 intensive care beds, 12 operating rooms and equipment to serve in all branches. I hope we will put this hospital into the service of our citizens in only 60 days. Iskenderun's 600-bed state hospital has 132 thousand square meters in total.”

Stating that the foundation of the Iskenderun Emergency Hospital with a capacity of 200 beds, which will be completed in a short time without delay, was also laid, Dr. Koca said, “We are planning to put this hospital, which is fully equipped with 40 intensive care beds, 8 operating rooms and 55 polyclinics, into operation within 60 days.”

“Hatay will become the health base of the region”

Dr. Koca also noted that the plans for the construction of a new city hospital with a capacity of 1000 beds in Antakya Gülderen have been completed and the construction will begin in a short time.

Updated: 29/03/2023