Minister Koca Evaluated the Latest Situation in Hatay


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made statements in the field hospital established in the garden of Hatay Training and Research Hospital.

In his statement, Minister Koca stated, “We will make sure that what is necessary is done to alleviate the pain of each of our citizens day by day. The state is responsible for the health and happiness of its people.”

Mentioning that they are working with all their strength to maintain the protective and basic health services in the earthquake area, Dr. Koca said:

“We have activated 1064 family health centers. 176 primary health care units were put into service in tents and container cities. Health services were provided to 4 million 800 thousand people in 45 days. In this context, more than 780,000 people were visited within the framework of mobile health services.”

Minister Koca informed that 23,678 babies have been born in the region since the first day of the disaster and noted that newborn screenings and vaccinations of babies are followed meticulously.

“There has been no epidemic so far”

Underlining that they have taken and will continue to take important measures on public health since the first days, Dr. Koca said, “The Post-earthquake Public Health Commission, which started working right after the earthquake, held its last meeting two days ago. I would like to express that the data taken from the region is meticulously examined and the measures are planned centrally.

Reiterating that samples are taken regularly from all provinces in the region, Dr. Koca continued his speech as follows:

“Once again, we have absolutely no data that points to an epidemic. Therefore, I would like to state clearly that there has been no epidemic so far in any of our provinces in the quake-hit region.”

Emphasizing that making drinking water safe to use is one of their main priorities, Dr. Koca stated that in order to use mains water as drinking water, it is necessary to act in accordance with the announcements of the governorship and district governorships, and not to take risks.

Explaining that the destruction caused by the disaster shows that it is essential to implement some urgent measures and implement the relevant decisions, Dr. Koca said:

“In this regard, we continue to make durability checks for the old hospitals and implement measures in all provinces, especially in Ankara and Istanbul.”

Pointing out that the month of Ramadan will start tomorrow, Minister Koca said, “I hope that this beautiful month, in which Allah's help and mercy is the highest, will bring health and well-being to all of us. I congratulate the Ramadan of all our citizens. In this blessed month, our duty is to prepare the disaster area for a holiday and the future, which is more free from grief and sadness, with greater effort and work.”

Updated: 23/03/2023