Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca went to Osmaniye


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca met with earthquake survivors staying at the temporary shelter in Osmaniye. Afterwards, Minister Koca made a press statement, evaluating the latest situation at İslahiye State Hospital.

Reminding that 1347 people lost their lives in İslahiye and 2,170 people in Nurdağı due to the consecutive earthquakes, Dr. Koca stated that the loss of life in Gaziantep reached 3,897, and a total of 993 people died in Osmaniye.

“25 thousand 276 patients from Gaziantep were discharged”

“In order to avoid gaps in health services, a total of 4 field hospitals were established, two in İslahiye, one in Oğuzeli and one in Nurdağı. The number of emergency response units established in tent cities is 16. Of the other health institution buildings throughout the province, 6 are heavily damaged, 5 are moderately damaged, and 169 are slightly damaged. 54 of them have no damage. In Gaziantep, 627 pharmacies provide active service throughout the province. In the disaster area, 2 mobile pharmacies and 2 field pharmacies provide medicine and pharmacy services to the earthquake victims. Unfortunately, 19 pharmacies in İslahiye district and 11 pharmacies in Nurdağı district cannot provide service. In these two districts, a tent pharmacy was opened.” added Dr. Koca.

Minister Koca stated that 25,276 patients from Gaziantep who were treated for reasons related to the earthquake were discharged, and that 656 patients were treated in the service and 96 in the intensive care unit. In Gaziantep, primary health care services were provided to 340,150 people, and a total of 636,940 people were provided with health services. The number of emergency applications was 177 thousand 311, and the total number of applications made to all units was 327 thousand 596. The number of examinations performed in the emergency response units in tent cities is 22,202.

“43 out of 61 non-hospital health facilities in Osmaniye are undamaged”

Giving information about the state of pharmacies and hospitals in Osmaniye and health services, Dr. Koca said that 4 state hospitals, 64 family health centers, 28 of the 112 emergency stations, 38 health houses and 5 community health centers continue their services without interruption.

Emphasizing that they take care of the patients in the same way in the field hospital, Dr. Koca noted that there are still 202 pharmacies serving the city.

“Around the province, 43 of the 61 non-hospital health facilities are undamaged. In our hospitals, the bed occupancy rate of the wards is only 48 percent. The intensive care bed occupancy rate is 59 percent. Thankfully, 2,565 of our patients from Osmaniye, who were hospitalized and treated for earthquake-related reasons, were discharged. The treatment of 30 earthquake survivors still continues.” 

Updated: 01/03/2023