Health Minister Koca visited miners treated in Istanbul


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca visited miners who were transferred to Çam and Sakura City Hospital in Istanbul due to injuries caused by a coal mine blast in Bartın’s Amasra district, and made a statement to the press after his visit. 
Koca said, “We have 3 patients currently being followed in Bartın. Their overall condition is good and they are not connected to a ventilator. I think they can be discharged in 2 or 3 days”. 
Stating that 6 patients, 5 with burns and 1 with the diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning, were brought to Istanbul by ambulance plane, Koca said:
“I just visited our patients. After general examination and evaluation, we gave information to their relatives. 5 of them are in serious condition. All 5 are on ventilation, and burn rates range from 65 to 85 percent. In fact, one of our patients was in arrest when he was transferred to our hospital yesterday, his heart stopped and he returned with resuscitation. We can say that our patient's condition is better than yesterday, but it is still serious. I can say that the condition of the burn patients is serious; especially the first 4 days are critical, and that all of our friends are carefully following them in the burn center and intensive care unit together with the relevant branches.”
Concerning the patient with carbon monoxide poisoning, Minister Koca said, “His general condition is better. We talked to him and he will receive pressure oxygen therapy for the next 3-4 days. The situation is better today.” 

Updated: 17/10/2022