Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca Visited Adıyaman


Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca paid a visit to Adıyaman.

Following his visit to Governor of Adıyaman Mahmut Çuhadar, Minister Koca expressed his appreciation to be in Adıyaman.

Noting that the rate of hospitalization and staying in intensive care unit is on the lowest level as of the beginning of the outbreak, Koca said:

“Positive course of outbreak is observed prominently in Adıyaman, as well. The process of coronavirus outbreak has shown that Türkiye is one of the best countries around the world in terms of the quality and accessibility to healthcare services, the strength and robustness of health infrastructure. We are determined to move forward with the vision of Dear President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.”

Stating that outbreak is gradually losing its effect, Koca added:

“Our citizens can choose one of three vaccines. In this sense, TURKOVAC is still under production. There is no problem in procurement process. Our citizens, who are especially over a certain age and have comorbidities, must administer their booster doses. That’s to say, we should not think that the outbreak is over and we do not need the vaccines.

We are going through a process that burden of hospitals is diminishing, intensive care units in 21 cities are beginning to close down.”

Investments in Adıyaman  

Minister Koca reported that the number of emergency stations in Adıyaman, which was 1 in 2002, increased to 37, and the number of ambulances increased from 2 to 59.

Mentioning about 6 health investments, especially Maternity and Paediatrics Hospital with 300-bed capacity, in Adıyaman are ongoing, Koca stated Adıyaman will be in a position that will receive referrals from other cities rather than sending referrals to other cities.

Within the scope of visits, Koca paid a visit to Adıyaman Municipality and talked to tradespeople.

Minister Koca met with medial faculty students. 

Minister Koca met with medical faculty students in Adıyaman University Conference Hall.

Stating that he is aware of the missing things and he will do his best to fix them, Koca said that they are travelling around the cities and handling the problems in medical faculty meetings.

Noting that the problems of healthcare professionals will be solved through conversation, Koca added “Our basic problems are grouped under 5 headings: loss of prestige of occupation, violence, malpractice, especially salary and negativities arising from working environment. Loss of prestige of our occupation is a problem intertwined with all the problems. However, it’s not just a problem they have caused. Loss of prestige is more related with the social change rather than current issues.”

Informing on personal rights especially salary, Koca stated “I assure you that I understand you well. I want you to know that I am doing my best for interns, practitioners, resident physicians, specialist physicians not to have financial difficulties. 36-hour duty is not humane. A heavy burden. We would like to limit duty period max 24-hour. And we aim to achieve fair salary regulation.

Minister Koca had iftar dinner with healthcare professionals in Adıyaman Training and Research Hospital following the meeting with students.        

Updated: 28/04/2022