President Erdoğan Met with Healthcare Professionals at Iftar Dinner


After greeting, Erdoğan expressed his gratitude to 1 million 300 thousand members of healthcare professionals.

Thanking each and every single healthcare professional in Türkiye, President Erdoğan recalled the difficulties they experienced in the past 2 years because of Covid-19 outbreak.

Reminding the importance of having a robust medical infrastructure with high-quality, extensive and accessible health services, Erdoğan said, “Thanks be to Allah, we have reaped in the past 2 years the fruits of the investments we made in healthcare in the past 20 years. 19 city hospitals with 25 thousand 298-bed capacity we opened in various cities around Türkiye took an important role in this critical period.”

“We are even stronger.” 

Underlining that Türkiye was one of the first countries that gained access to vaccines, President Erdoğan stated: “Our domestically produced vaccine TURKOVAC is helping millions across the world as well as our own citizens. Through Türkiye Vaccine Institute and Clinical Research Centre we founded, we are carrying out high-quality works in this field. We are determined to crown with victory the fight we have successfully been waging for the past 2 years against the outbreak that deeply shook the world.”

Pointing out that people’s access to non-stop medical services will be ensured, President Erdoğan added:

“Providing healthcare services with the cutting-edge technology devices in modern hospitals is indispensable, for sure; however, the primary component in health, just like all the other fields dealing with humans directly, is the healthcare professional. All of the healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, laboratorians, technicians, cleaning staff are the ones who will integrate the health investments, incentives and supports of the state to the citizens. Thus, we attach great importance for healthcare professionals to fulfil their duties peacefully and without hesitation.”     

“Related ministries and institutions are working on financial improvements.”  

Erdoğan said that as stated on 14 March Doctors’ Day, the activities especially on prevention of violence in health and financial improvements are still being carried out.

President Erdoğan highlighted that they are going to keep their promises on the said issues.

“We are putting our hearts in life with the confidence healthcare professionals give.”

Underlining that their primary responsibility is to take a step for healthcare professionals to improve their working environments, increase their welfare levels and enable them to look at the future with hope, Erdoğan stated:

“Rest assured that we have been endeavouring intimately for all of our physicians and other healthcare professionals by putting ourselves in their shoes. We targeted to guarantee the future of 85 million rather than salvaging the day. Today, we are doing the same thing.

We need your support and trust you at most in establishing great and strong Türkiye. When we say ‘army’ to the healthcare professionals who make up almost one-third of all public personnel, it is not only an expression. We are putting our hearts in life with the confidence healthcare professionals give, who are on duty for 24 hours a day. I have no doubt that you are working your fingers to the bone just like during the outbreak.”   

Updated: 28/04/2022