Minister Koca Met with Healthcare Professionals in Bursa


Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca went to Bursa for some events and to examine Bursa City Hospital. Paying a visit to Governor of Bursa Yakup Canbolat and making a statement to the press, Koca evaluated the latest status of outbreak and investments in Bursa.

Expressing that Bursa is one of the fastest-growing cities in Türkiye, Minister Koca stated that it is also located at the provision centre of healthcare services in Southern Marmara Region.

Noting that 1355-bed Bursa City Hospital, which was started to operate almost 3 years ago, made great contributions into healthcare services with the increase of capacity and its quality, Koca added:

“It relieved our burden markedly during the outbreak. We are currently maintaining our advanced healthcare services with 1520-bed Bursa Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital, 900-bed Uludağ University Hospital and state hospitals as well as Bursa City Hospital. We have a total of 18 constructions, two of which are hospitals, which are currently under construction. Among these are family health centres, 112 emergency stations. Çekirge State Hospital and Harmancık County Integrated Hospital will be operated in 2023. A total of 42 health investments, 4 of which are hospital buildings, are in the project phase. Such important projects include 100-bed spastic paediatrics hospital, 600-bed central state hospital and 150-unit oral and dental health hospital.”

Emphasizing that self-sacrificing healthcare professionals enable citizens to reach quality health services, Koca noted “this year, the number of healthcare professionals in Bursa is 28,015, and 6433 of which are physicians and dentists. This number was 6781 in 2002, 2562 of which were physicians and dentists. I mean, we have increased our qualified human resources more than 4 times in 20 years. You can see the similar development in emergency services. We increased the number of 112 emergency stations from 14 in 2002 to 92 as of last month, and the number of ambulances from 20 to 145 with a 7-fold increase.”

“Covid services are closing gradually.”   

Mentioning new type of coronavirus outbreak, Koca said “It is time to put coronavirus outbreak out of our minds, which has lasted for 2 years. We would like to maintain our lives by preserving ourselves with vaccines and personal preventive measures. Since we have vaccines and drugs, we are safe now. The number of patients in hospitals and intensive cares are decreasing and covid services are closing gradually.”

Mentioning about domestic insulin production, Koca noted “there are 16 types of insulin regarding diabetics treatment and prevention. We have launched a call for it. There has been a call that makes up 85 percent of the insulins currently used on the market. We will provide support for R&D activities. We would like to produce insulin starting from the cell in the coming period. There is a relevant infrastructure for it in Türkiye. Besides, we will launch a call for insulin sensor and insulin pump soon. We would like to produce sensor and pump domestically.”

Koca added “we have come to an end for the trials of hepatitis A, chicken pox and rabies vaccines. These 3 vaccines will have been produced by cell via technological transfer in Türkiye. In the upcoming period, we should follow domestic investments in the field of health and biotechnology carefully.”

“There are almost 50 cases in Bursa now.”  

Minister Koca gave information on Covid-19 cases in Bursa as follows:

“There are almost 50 cases in Bursa now, so the number of patients in intensive care unit are decreasing gradually. 6 people passed away in the last 7 days. That’s to say, the death rate is decreasing and also I would like to express that those who passed away had comorbidity and were much older.”

“The patient does not feel safe where the physician is not safe.”  

Meeting the medical faculty students at Bursa Uludağ University, Minister Koca said:

“As Minister of Health, it seems that we are concerned with problems of 1 million 300 thousand people, we actually deal with problems of 85 million people. Because, if violence is the matter, then we are fully aware that the patient does not feel safe where the physician is not safe. In this respect, problems of physicians and all the other health professionals is the problem of Türkiye.”

Minister Koca also expressed that a new regulation regarding malpractice suits was adopted by Justice Commission.

“36-hour duty is not humane.” 

Minister Koca said “it’s already known that I think 36-hour duty is not humane” and added “the key for the solution of all problems in health is justice. Low salary is a matter of justice. 36-hour duty is a matter of justice. There is no need to give more examples, it is all clear.”

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca met health professionals to break fast in Bursa City Hospital following the evaluation meeting with the Directors of Bursa Provincial Directorate of Health.

Updated: 20/04/2022