Minister of Health Koca Met Medical Faculty Students in Sakarya


Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca paid a visit to Sakarya. Following the visit to Governor of Sakarya Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, Minister Koca made statements to the press.

During his speech, Koca stated that they arrived Sakarya to examine the status of health infrastructures, meet medical faculty students and commune with healthcare professionals.

Assessing the new service places and healthcare services carried out in the city with Governor Kaldırım and Provincial Health Director Aziz Öğütlü, Koca added “We are going to assess what should be done to have better healthcare services for the citizens in Sakarya.”

“Do not worry, the worst is in the past”

Recalling “This will be our last summer with masks on” last year, Minister Koca noted “There were less to believe in at that time, but it is spring time and almost summer. Do not worry, the worst is in the past, rest assured.”

“Sakarya City Hospital will be the health base of all region.”     

Emphasizing that as soon as one of the most important investments Sakarya City Hospital will be completed next year, it will be the health base of all region with 1000-bed capacity and 305 thousand square meters covered area, and added:

“We have increased the bed number from 960 to 2354 in Sakarya since 2002, that’s to say, we have doubled it. We will provide healthcare services with 4130 beds in Sakarya with the help of such investments. The number of 112 emergency stations, which was 6 in 2002, has increased to 37, and the number of ambulances has increased from 9 to 65.

We give much importance to human resources as well as huge investments in Sakarya. Today, we are providing healthcare services with 9076 healthcare professionals, which was 1948 in 2002.

Minister Koca attended to Provincial Health Evaluation Meeting, which was organized as closed to the press.

Minister of Health Koca met medical faculty students in Sakarya

Meeting medical faculty students of Sakarya University, Minister Koca pointed out that he attended there as a physician like them, being fully aware of all problems while practising this profession.

Minister Koca also added, “there are lots of leading lights who study at nights, are on duty and unable to sleep. It is impossible not to be hopeful for the future of Türkiye when I see ambitious people here.”

Expressing that they are trying to convalesce from the outbreak, Koca stated:

“This situation looks like the status of armies after world wars. The armies had been waiting for 20 years to rest and clear the deck between two world wars. The outbreak period has affected healthcare professionals in the same way. However, it is really tough to go back to work without solving our problems. We should speak up what is needed to be done for the future of our profession, for you to be educated better and serve efficiently.”

Minister Koca answered the questions of students at the closed-door meeting.

Minister Koca broke fast with healthcare professionals

Minister Fahrettin Koca paid a visit to Emergency Hospital, which is still constructing, for the last leg of the trip. Afterwards, Minister Koca paid a visit to Maternity and Paediatrics Service Building, Sakarya Training and Research Hospital and broke their fasts with healthcare professionals and visited the patients.        

Updated: 20/04/2022