Minister Koca Receives TURKOVAC


Following the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca received the TURKOVAC vaccine as a booster shot at Ankara City Hospital.

The Minister Koca, who was vaccinated at the Ankara City Hospital where he came along with the members of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, made some statements.

Minister Koca dedicated TURKOVAC to those who lost their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic and wished patience for their relatives.

Emphasizing Turkey's strong vaccination history, Koca said, “TURKOVAC has become our first own vaccine to reach the production stage starting from cell after 50 years. The last time a vaccine was produced was 24 years ago, in 1998."

Minister Koca added, "I would like to express that this vaccine, developed entirely by Turkish scientists, is of great historical importance, especially after a 50-year wait. We know that many people have been waiting for this. I strongly recommend everyone to get vaccinated with TURKOVAC, especially their booster doses."

“Starting from tomorrow, the administration will start in city hospitals”

Koca, who stated that TURKOVAC received emergency use authorization through two different trials, noted that:“One is a Hacettepe study with a phase-3 trial, the second is a city hospital-based study, with a booster dose that is ongoing in 42 centers. With these two studies, emergency use authorization has been granted. In the coming days, scientists will explain the data about this more clearly.”

After Koca, TÜSEB President Prof. Erhan Akdoğan, members of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Prof. Sema Kultufan Turan, Prof. Figen Cizmeci Senel, Assoc. Prof. Afşin Emre Kaymazmaz, Ankara City Hospital Coordinator Chief Physician Faculty Member Aziz Ahmet Surel, Chief Physician of the Gynecology Hospital Prof. Özlem Moraloğlu Tekin also had TURKOVAC as their booster shots.


Updated: 31/12/2021