Minister Koca Visits Şanlıurfa


Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca visited Şanlıurfa to hold meetings.

Minister Koca, who visited Governor Abdullah Erin in his office, told members of the press that 2 years had passed with the pandemic, noting that a significant part of the restrictions had been removed from everyday life thanks to vaccination.

Emphasizing that the Omicron variant had become one of the most talked about topics recently, Koca said, “Europe has become the center of the pandemic again. When there is an increase in Europe, this situation can also be seen in our country after about 3-4 weeks. To date, no significant increase has been observed. The course is under control. Preliminary information suggests that the infectiousness of this variant is higher, but it is less likely to turn into disease compared to other variants. However, due to the high level of infectiousness, we should proceed more carefully with the personal protection measures that we all know work."

"Şanlıurfa City Hospital will be completed in 2023”

Giving detailed information about health investments in Şanlıurfa, Koca said that the number of doctors in the city increased by 5 times to 2,710 compared to 2002. Koca also shared the news that 60 physicians and 560 medical personnel will be assigned to Şanlıurfa.

Minister Koca visited Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital

Minister Koca visited Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital within the scope of his meetings in the city and made examinations. Koca received information about the hospital and the work being carried out, also visited the patients undergoing treatment, and wished them a speedy recovery.

The Minister also visited patients in the pediatric ward, received information from the doctors about treatment, and gave children gifts.

“Meeting with Students” at Şanlıurfa Harran University

Minister Koca met with students at the Faculty of Medicine of Harran University.

Stating that it was not surprising that medical education is one of the most difficult types of training, Koca said, “To deserve to receive this training and to successfully complete it requires sacrifice as well as mental abilities. These sacrifices begin when one decides to become a doctor. I am sure that medical students do not have the luxury of doing the things other students do. Because every piece of information left incomplete by a medical student leads to a gap. Medical training requires a unique pattern of knowledge."

Combating violence against healthcare workers

Recalling that the punishment for crimes against health workers has increased by 1.5 times with the regulation introduced last year, Minister Koca stated that the resulting law did not meet the expectations.

Minister Koca expressed his belief that society will show more responsiveness to doctors' problems and said that everyone was affected by the consequences of these problems.Stressing that physicians should rely on the strength of people, Koca stated that the problems were temporary and the profession was permanent.Minister Koca received questions from students after his speech.


Updated: 27/12/2021