Minister Koca Meets Resident Physicians


After his meeting with medical students, Minister Koca also had a meeting with the representatives of resident physicians receiving their specialty training at various universities across Turkey. During the meeting, which lasted two and a half hours, issues such as working conditions of residents, duration of on-call duties, violence and malpractice were discussed and solutions were evaluated.

At the opening of the meeting, Minister Koca emphasized that medicine was a sacred profession and that they were aware of the current problems.

Minister Koca noted the following regarding violence and malpractice in health:"Law alone cannot do much. The law alone is not enough. We can achieve this together with the public. The law must protect healthcare workers. Another issue is malpractice. We see disproportionate cases. This also needs to be solved somehow. As a country, we have to solve this in order to offer continuous service to the public. We have to take care of our doctors and healthcare workers. I believe that this can be done. The problem is there, the diagnosis is there, and the prescription is there. In order to achieve this prescription, we all need to be determined and act in goodwill."


Updated: 20/12/2021