Minister Koca Meets Medical Students


Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca met with the student representatives of medical faculties across Turkey. At the meeting in Ankara, post-graduate training of students, their future goals, personal rights, violence and malpractice issues, workload, medical specialty exam, and civil service obligation were discussed. During the three-hour meeting, medical students conveyed their problems and demands, and shared solutions.

At the opening of the meeting, Minister Koca stated that they aimed to provide an environment of service where both patients and physicians feel safe, and stressed that there is a need for a balanced specialization according to the needs of the country by ensuring equality of opportunity after medical training. ”We aim to raise the level of medicine as a profession and strengthen the perception that it is worthy of so much," said Koca and pointed to numerous issues such as malpractice, violence, busy workload, and poor working conditions. Emphasizing that they were making efforts to solve these problems as a whole together with their health workers, Koca said, “We already do and we must continue to appreciate our physicians and healthcare workers."


Updated: 20/12/2021