President Erdogan Attends Mass Opening Ceremony In Batman


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Mass Opening Ceremony of Batman Training and Research Hospital, 36 factories and the city stadium. The opening ceremony was also attended by Minister Koca.

In his speech, President Erdoğan expressed his happiness to gather with the people of Batman after a long break.

 “We have increased the number of universities to 206”

President Erdoğan noted that they allowed students to be able to receive education in their hometown by opening a university in Batman.

Recalling that there were 76 universities in the country when they came to power, Erdogan said: “We started with 76 universities. But increased this number to 206. We have taken away  the card of the mentality that condemns our people to ignorance and the misery. Batman university is one of them."

We have invested 16 billion Liras in Batman in 19 years

Noting that 16 billion Turkish Liras had been invested in Batman in the last 19 years, Erdogan continued:"Let me remind you what we have brought to this city. We have built 4.514 new classrooms. We have opened 2.374-people dormitories for higher education students. We have built 39 sports facilities, including the stadium with a capacity of 15 thousand spectators which we opened today. We allocated 4.2 billion Turkish Liras to help out those in need in the city. We have rapidly completed and opened 41 healthcare facilities and kicked off the tender procedure of another 500-bed hospital. Through TOKI, we have completed 5.391 housing units and the construction of 960 housing units is underway.”

"With our new medical facility, Batman will now train new doctors”

In his speech, Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca noted that the number of physicians in the city increased from 109 in 2002 to 692, including 254 specialists, and the number of beds to 1150.

Noting that Batman is among the top 5 provinces in terms of intensive care bed capacity per capita, Koca said that a total of 198 family medicine units serve at 49 family health centers.

Noting that the new 400-bed obstetrics and gynecology hospital was merged with Batman Regional State Hospital and gained the status of “training and research hospital”, Koca added:"With our new medical facility, Batman will now train new doctors. Between 2018 and 2021, 18 projects have been completed, 3 of which are district public hospitals and 4 of which are health complexes, costing about 550 million Turkish Liras. In addition, we have 6 other projects in our investment program, including a new hospital and 5 family health centers. The tender of the Batman City Hospital Project with a capacity of 500 beds, which we will start construction very soon, has also been held. As walk together, the road will become shorter and the insurmountable will be overcome."


Updated: 08/11/2021