President Erdoğan Opens An Obstetrics and Pediatric Hospital in Sakarya


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened the Obstetrics and Pediatrics Service Building of Sakarya University Education and Research Hospital and other completed projects.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Erdogan said that 157 works and services were opened in Sakarya, the investment cost of which was 2 billion 600 million Turkish Liras, adding: “Today we officially open a large number of works, from projects completed by the university to the school investments made by the ministry. Today we are officially opening numerous investments in the center and in our districts, especially the sports training center and the rowing and canoe facility. We also have AMATEM and ÇEMATEM facilities in Sakarya which will be very helpful in fighting addiction. We will be opening those today."

Good News for Sakarya

Noting that a 200-bed obstetrics and pediatric hospital, Pamukova District Hospital, Ferizli District Hospital, Serdivan Cancer and Family Medicine Center, and Hendek, Yeşilyurt, and Camili family medicine centers were opened, Erdoğan added,"Hopefully, we will also open a 1000-bed city hospital in Sakarya. Thanks to this hospital, people of Sakarya will not have to travel to neighboring cities. Vaccination efforts are ongoing very rapidly. Hopefully, we will be using our own vaccine soon. We have reached the capacity to vaccinate anyone over the age of 18.

We have invested 30 quadrillion Turkish Liras in Sakarya in the last 19 years. Sakarya City Hospital tender is completed, we will start construction soon.”

 “In order to erase the pandemic from our lives, we have to achieve our social immunity”

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca also delivered a speech.

” A strong health system is vital for humanity," said Koca and added, "The importance of it was revealed once again during the pandemic. We are proud to be one of the rare countries in the world to have been able to deal with this. Under the leadership of our president, the point at which our healthcare system stands is appreciated not only by the Turkish people, but also by international organizations.”

Noting that 52 facilities had been opened in Sakarya, Koca said,"The 370-bed obstetrics and pediatrics hospital of the Training and Research Hospital has become operational. 10 other health investments are under construction. The Sakarya city hospital is one of them. These days, when we're trying to get the pandemic off our agenda, our healthcare workers are making a tremendous effort. We are breaking records in vaccination. In order to erase the pandemic from our lives, we must achieve our social immunity, and I urge the Turkish people to act with this in mind. We want to make sure that everyone has received at least one dose of a vaccine before eid. I hope that these facilities we have opened today will yield to fruitful conclusions."


Updated: 06/07/2021