Minister Koca Meets Health Directors of 3 Provinces in Antalya


Minister of Health, Dr Fahrettin Koca delivered a press statement following the regional assessment Meeting covering the provinces of Antalya, Isparta, and Burdur in Antalya.

Minister Koca first visited Governor Ersin Yazıcı in Antalya, where he came to attend the regional evaluation meeting. Following the visit, Minister Koca made statements to the press and said that they would be examine the situation in Antalya and neighboring provinces. 

Stating that they evaluated the latest situation of the pandemic in Antalya with Governor Yazıcı, Koca said, “Health investments have also been another important agenda item. We had the opportunity to consult on the situation in the provision of healthcare services in Antalya, the needs in the field of health and, the issues that require support. Antalya has major potential for improvement in terms of health tourism. We have discussed completed and ongoing investments, and evaluated projects."

Minister Koca Visits Children's Ward of Kepez State Hospital

Koca also paid a visit to Kepez State Hospital. Koca visited the children's ward, chatted with patients, and received information about their health status.

Following the visit, Koca went onto the regional evaluation meeting.

Vaccination efforts

In his statement, Koca noted that they had analyzed the measures and health efforts of three provinces from all aspects.

Koca said that the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency had granted the emergency use authorization for the Sputnik V vaccine.

Koca also gave information about the BioNTech vaccine and said, "By the end of June, we will have delivered 30 million doses. Similarly, we will also receive more doses of the Sinovac vaccine soon, as planned."

Cases by province

Pointing to 127 contact tracing teams in Burdur, Koca continued, "Last week, the number of cases in Burdur has decreased by 25%, and the bed occupancy rate is 32.7%. The intensive care occupancy rate is at 52.9%. In Burdur, the vaccination rate of citizens over the age of 65 is 83%. The response continues in Isparta with 311 contact tracing teams. The number of cases has dropped by 35% in the past week. The bed occupancy rate is 53.1% and the intensive care occupancy rate is 70.4%. The vaccination rate of citizens over the age of 65 in Isparta is 84%."


Updated: 03/05/2021