Minister Koca Attends the 7th Gender Equality Congress


Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca attended the 7th Gender Equality Congress organized as a video conference by the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM).

Noting that health had been prioritized, Koca said, "Together with the state and people, we have been fighting to produce and improve what is best. With the pandemic, we had to continue fighting within boundaries. We had to maintain our economic and social lives and relationships with our family and neighbors within the confines of the pandemic."

Koca added that the pandemic became a significant factor in family-related and social problems and continued, "Even before the pandemic, women's rights related matters and violence against women have been a priority for Turkey." 

Noting that everyone's life, property, and dignity are entrusted to one another, Koca said, "On this matter, no one has superiority over the other. What we need to do is to own up to this responsibility." 

"We will continue to fight for a health society and environment"

Minister Koca stressed that the goal included many social traumas, including the quest for gender justice, which is the subject of the congress, and continued,

"In this sense, achieving a healthy society is possible by a medical and a social fight. We are trying our best to make sure that our strategic goals lead to behavioral change at the social and sectoral level. Besides many things it took from us, the COVID pandemic has also offered us many opportunities. 83 million people have been able to keep a dynamic and organized front against health risks presented by this pandemic. Hopefully, we will put it behind us as soon as possible. We will keep on fighting for a healthy society and a healthy environment free from destructive problems, especially violence. For this, we must constantly remain socially sensitive."


Updated: 05/03/2021