Minister Koca Meets Health Directors of 8 Provinces in Erzurum


The Minister of Health, Dr Fahrettin Koca delivered a press statement following the Regional Evaluation Meeting in Erzurum covering the provinces of Erzurum, Ağrı, Ardahan, Bingöl, Erzincan, Iğdır, Kars and Tunceli.

Bakan Koca, Erzurum programı kapsamında ziyaret ettiği valilikte basın mensuplarına yaptığı açıklamada, Vali Okay Memiş ile kentteki Kovid-19’a ilişkin değerlendirme yaptıklarını söyledi. Noting that the city hospital in Eskişehir shouldered the burden of the pandemic, Koca continued, "We have been fighting this pandemic for 7 months, day in day out. Thanks to our strong health infrastructure, qualified and selfless healthcare workers, and strong public resources, we have maintained our resistance, unlike many countries around the world. Even in the most developed countries, healthcare systems and production were not sufficient. However, since the day one, we have been able to provide all kinds of supplies, from masks to protective equipment, from drugs to ventilators. In addition to meeting the domestic needs, we have also lend a helping hand to more than 150 countries. Our healthcare system passed this test with flying colors."

 “We understand the importance of contact-tracing more and more every day”

Emphasizing that it is possible to lower the figures by following the measures, Koca added, "Lowering the number of patients and severe patients is only possible if the people of Erzurum keep on fighting. I am fully confident that with these measures, we will be able to alleviate the burden of the pandemic. We understand the importance of contact-tracing more and more every day. Turkey is one of the few countries in the world that could implement this system."

Minister Koca Visits Children's Hospital

Following his meeting at the governor's office, Minister Koca visited the pediatric ward of Erzurum City Hospital.

Koca chatted with children who were being treated there and received information from doctors about the health of these children.

Following the pandemic evaluation meeting attended by governors and health directors, Minister Koca held a press conference.

"From now on the risk of compromise is even higher"

Pointing out the importance of wearing masks, especially indoors, Koca continued, "From now on, the risk of compromise is even higher. Do not forget to wear a mask outside. Use the HES application. Social distancing is the second most important measure to take against the virus. It will be even more important during fall and winter months. You can protect yourself with a mask. You have to be careful with hand hygiene. These three measures will protect out health."

"Follow the measures without complacency"

With regard to regional evaluation, Koca said, "Compared to a month ago, there is a 60% decrease in the number of cases in Erzurum. The number of cases are down to a third. Adult bed occupancy rate is 42%. Ventilator occupancy rate is 27%. This is lower than the country average. Compared to a month ago, there is a 75% decrease in both Ağrı and Bingöl. And a 50% decrease in Ardahan. We're taking the necessary precautions. In Erzincan, the number of cases fell by 65 percent. In Iğdır, this decrease is 50%. So, all provinces in this region have been experiencing a decrease. We need to follow the measures without complacency."


Updated: 19/10/2020