Minister Koca Delivers Speech at the Opening of the 9th Health Summit


The Minister of Health, Dr Fahrettin Koca attended the 9th Health Summit via teleconference and delivered the opening speech.

The 9th edition of the Health Summit, which is organized annually by the Private Hospitals Platform, was held with the theme of "Pandemic and Sustainable Health."

In his speech, Minister Koca noted the importance of this year's theme and said, "I think it is important that the COVID-19 pandemic has offered us an opportunity to focus on this critically-important issue. Sustainability often brings to mind financial concerns. This is not completely right. The pandemic has shown this to the world very well. What we need is a qualified human force, a robust healthcare infrastructure, a stable and inclusive healthcare system, cooperation, political determinacy and will, and above all else, dedication and selflessness. Without them, we cannot talk about an all-out struggle or sustainable health."

"Everyone shouldered the responsibility"

Noting that all stakeholders were fighting for a healthier society, Koca continued, "The ministry has a vision. Our goal is to have a Turkey where the whole society adopts a healthy lifestyle, everyone's right to health is safeguarded, and those in need can easily and timely access high-quality healthcare services."

Stressing that public and private hospitals admitted COVID-19 patients, Koca added, "Everyone has shouldered the responsibility. And this is the right thing to do. I said something in this summit last year, which is when the goal is common, it is not difficult to unite and to achieve stability."

"Pharmaceutical and medical devices sector has been a driving force"

Minister Koca noted that every crisis came with opportunities and added that the pandemic had offered a possibility for public and private sectors to work together.

Saying that Turkey was able to support the whole world with medical supplies and developed its own treatment algorithm, Koca continued, "Turkey has showed the whole world that it has the knowledge, skills and investments to rapidly manufacture equipment such as ventilators. The pharmaceutical and medical devices sector has been a driving force during the pandemic."

Minister Koca pointed out that the pandemic was not over and added, "We still have to strictly follow the measures, we do not have the luxury to become complacent. Together with public and private hospitals, we have to be prepared."

Updated: 09/10/2020