Health Quality Evaluator Training Begins


Deputy Minister of Health, Prof Muhammet Güven took part in the opening program of 'In-Service Training for Quality Standards in Healthcare Hospital Package'.

In his speech, Deputy Güven said that the training program was a very important part of quality in health efforts, which were kicked off in 2003 with the Health Transformation Program.

Noting that quality standards in healthcare and quality indicators were the foundation of the Quality in Healthcare System in Turkey, Güven said, "Without a doubt, well implementation of these standards and indicators will ensure the safety of patients and workers. It will improve satisfaction with healthcare services. After 17 years of efforts, we now have an internationally-valid and an exemplary system."

Commenting about quality evaluators, Güven said,

"You, as quality evaluators, conduct quality evaluations of all public and private healthcare institutions diligently. To achieve the goal of this system, we have to improve the efficiency and quality of evaluations and take it one step further. For that, we must work hard to make sure that evaluations are conducted in an equitable and objective way."

Deputy Minister Güven added that the new version of Quality Standards in Healthcare was released in March.

The aforementioned in-service training will be delivered between July 8 and 28.


Updated: 10/07/2020