Two Ministers Attend Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting


Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca, and Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, delivered statements for press members following the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting. Minister gave information about the screen on which case numbers will be displayed.

In his speech, Koca emphasized that no healthcare institution or no doctor could prevent virus transmission and continued: "You are the ones who can prevent this. You can prevent it by staying home. By wearing a mask when necessary. Or by avoiding close contact. Turkey is strong enough to fight this. We are the ones who will see the benefits of our strength in this fight."

"There are plenty of middle-aged cases"

Koca commented: "There are plenty of middle-aged cases. This virus does not discriminate between ages. If you have a disease that you are not aware of, the virus will expose it and treatment will be harder than you expected,” he warned.

"Please do not take this period as holiday"

Reminding that education continued, Minister Fahrettin Koca added:

"Courses are delivered online and on TV for a while. Please do not take this period as holiday and make sure your children see it this way, too. Don't let them lag behind their courses."

Updated data will be shared with the public daily

With regard to making sure that the public has easier access to data in the upcoming period, Koca said:

"In the upcoming period, we wil share updated information on the total number of cases, tests performed, deaths, patients in ICU, patients on ventilator, and recovered cases digitally."

Drugs received from China

"We started using these drugs on 136 patients. The dosage is clear. As per the recommendation of the Scientific Committee, 1 patient will receive 1 dosage a day for 5 days. We will be able to see whether it works or not next week."

"Test does not need to be performed on every single person"

Commenting about on whom tests should be performed, Koca said: "Test does not need to be performed on every single person. There is no such practice anywhere in the world. Because when you get tested, it might be negative. But it can be positive 5 days later. During that period, you can infect a lot of people. Everyone should act as if they are a carrier."

Here are some of the highlights of Minister Selçuk's remarks:

Minister Ziya Selçuk said that they decided to keep the schools closed and move with distance education until April 30, as per the recommendation of the Scientific Committee.

 “We are ready for any scenario regarding compensation of educational needs and tests”

Selçuk commented: "I would like all parents to rest assured. We are ready for any scenario regarding compensation of educational needs and tests of children. We will do what is necessary."


Updated: 26/03/2020