New Regulations for Healthcare Workers to Fight Coronavirus

Ministry of Health introduced regulations for 2020 assignments and transport and accommodation of healthcare personnel under the efforts to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Change in 2020 assignments

Based on the application of the Ministry of Health, the Presidential Decree on Quotas for Public Employment After Resignation was amended.

According to this amendment, assignments to healthcare and auxiliary healthcare services classes will be exempt.

Free transportation and accommodation for healthcare personnel

As part of the measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, some regulations were introduced on transportation and accommodation of healthcare personnel.

Personnel working in all public and private healthcare agencies or institutions will be able to use mass transportation services offered by municipalities, their subsidiaries and unions, establishments, businesses and companies and Başkentray, Marmaray and Izban free of charge at the discretion of relevant municipalities.

Healthcare personnel will also stay free of charge in public guest houses nearest to where they work.

Regulation on the recruitment of permanent workers by direct drawing

As per the request of the Ministry of Health, the Regulation on the Rules and Procedures for Recruiting Workers to Public Agencies and Institutions was amended by the Presidential Decree dated March 19, 2020.

Permanent workers to be hired to the Ministry will be appointed by direct drawing only for the year 2020.

This procedure will be performed by the Turkish Employment Agency.


Updated: 26/03/2020