Minister Koca Delivers Presentation on Coronavirus Efforts at Parliament


Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca, delivered a briefing at the General Assembly of the Parliament on coronavirus related efforts.

In his speech, Koca reminded everyone that the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) had faced many challenges throughout its history and said, "The will, psychology and constructive attitude contributes to the people's determination. In a risk environment threatening individuals, the first condition is motivation. I consider every single one of my colleagues the leader of this principle."

"Reference laboratories are in operation"

Noting that samples were being tested in reference laboratories in 16 provinces, Koca added, "The number of laboratories will increase to 36 in 25 provinces. As of today, with the efforts of two foundation universities, 18 centers are now operational."

"We took successful examples as models"

Pointing out that they introduced flight bans to several countries, Koca added, "We closed up land borders with neighboring countries. Turkish nationals coming from abroad underwent medical examination and 14-days of isolation. We also carried out operations to evacuate Turkish nationals who were in countries that we imposed bans on."

"4 million 603 thousand passengers were scanned using thermal cameras"

Noting that 4 million 603 thousand passengers were scanned using thermal cameras at international airports, Koca added that15 thousand 200 passengers were scanned with thermal cameras at sea ports.

"Turkey is lucky in terms of ICU bed capacity"

Noting that Turkey had 25 thousand 466 adult ICU bed capacity, Koca continued:

"Turkey is lucky in terms of ICU bed capacity. The ICU bed capacity per 100 thousand people is 40 in Turkey, while it is 29 in Germany, 13 in Italy and 12 in France.

We have 99 thousand 797 single patient rooms which can also be used as isolation or ICU rooms, if necessary. City hospitals have been a huge advantage on this matter."

"We are ready for every possible scenario in terms of physical or technological infrastructure", said Koca and added: 

"184 Corona hotline is going to be operational to answer questions and refer people to healthcare institutions if they show symptoms."

"6 universities were sent 50 thousand masks"

Noting that they had made some changes in the working arrangements of healthcare personnel and started taking precautions to protect them from risk, Koca pointed out that they distributed protective equipment to all public hospitals, including university hospitals, and that 50 thousand masks each were sent to 6 universities 2 days ago. 

"We have to facilitate the work of the healthcare personnel"

Underlining the increased work load healthcare personnel was experiencing including risks, Koca said: "I hope that Turkish people will notice the role played by our healthcare personnel, who working selflessly. I know that all healthcare personnel, especially doctors, are highly respected by the people due to the efforts they are exerting." 


Updated: 23/03/2020