Coronavirus Summit Held at Presidential Palace


All cabinet members attended the meeting presided over by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Spokesperson of the Presidency, İbrahim Kalın, delivered a statement following the meeting during which measures against the coronavirus were discussed.

"Turkish people should not panic but also not be in languor"

Pointing out the effective and successful efforts of Turkey against the coronavirus, Kalın added, "As per the recommendations of related units and the instructions of the President, all necessary measures have been and will be taken. Turkish people need to play an active role in this situation, following official recommendations. This is how we will be able to overcome this situation."

"Recommendations of the MoH should definitely be followed"

"As the MoH said, 'the problem is global but the struggle is national', said Kalın and added that it was of vital importance for people to strictly follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

"Universities will be closed for 3 weeks, starting from March 16"

Pointing out that necessary measures will be taken to ensure that education is completed, Kalın said, "Universities will be closed for 3 weeks, starting from March 17. We will coordinate with the Council of Higher Education on how to compensate for this closure."

"Sports events will be held without an audience"

Spokesperson of the Presidency, Kalın noted that they decided that sports events be held without an audience until the end of April, in line with the recommendations of experts.

"People should not travel abroad, unless necessary"

Kalın commented,"Our advice to Turkish people is that they postpone their travels for a while, unless necessary. It is also very important that people coming from abroad isolate themselves for 14 days."


Updated: 23/03/2020