Minister Visits Field Hospitals at Border


Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca, and his delegation paid a visit to field hospitals established at land border zones in Ağrı, Iğdır, Van and Hakkari.

In his statement, Koca said that there were people who would like to come to Turkey from Iran through air and land. Adding that people who go through a medical examination will be kept under observation and isolation at these field hospitals at borders, Koca continued:

"We wanted to see the field hospitals first hand and to determine whether there were any shortcomings. There are 60 people, who crossed Gürbulak Border Gate and are being monitored. 3 of had flu-like symptoms, so they are at the hospital. 10 people who have been to Qom or Masshad are kept in a separate unit. We are monitoring them more closely.

Following his visit at Gürbulak border gate, Koca moved onto Dilucu border gate to visit the field hospital and had a chat with the locals.

Then Koca went to Van to visit Kapıköy border gate at Saray district.

Delivering a statement there, Koca said:

"We are intensifying efforts at these four border gates. We established field hospitals. We are keeping under quarantine people who have been to Qom or Masshad for 14 days and refer the ones with symptoms to hospitals. The ones who do not have any symptoms will also remain under observation for 14 days."

"We have yet to detect coronavirus in Turkey"

Thanks to the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, strategic decisions and strong network of experts, we have yet to detect the coronavirus in Turkey" said Koca and commented that they would use all means available to prevent the importation of cases in line with the recommendations of the Committee. 

When asked whether there would be masses at borders, Koca replied:

"This gate is mostly used for people who going one way in the morning and returning in the evening. Only at the border gate in Ağrı, we have 37 healthcare personnel and 32 ambulances. In Dilucu, we have 32 personnel and 17 ambulances. Here, we have more than 30 healthcare personnel. We have a very strong healthcare team, including emergency physicians and infectious diseases experts."

At the last stop of his program, the Minister visited the field hospital established at Esendere border gate in Hakkari.


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Updated: 16/03/2020