Our Goal Is to Prevent the Virus's Entry Into Turkey


At a press conference held at the Ministry, the Minister of Health gave information about the current situation about and measures taken against the new coronavirus epidemic.

Reminding that the novel coronavirus epidemic still continued at the press conference held after the Scientific Board meeting, Koca gave the latest figures.

Koca pointed out that the number of new cases were decreasing in China but increasing in other countries. 

Stressing that the number of cases and deaths were increasing in Iran, Koca noted that they took measures at the land borders and imposed flight restrictions.
Adding that field hospitals were established at the land border with Iran, the Minister noted that Iranian nationals would not be allowed into Turkey and Turkish nationals would have to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

"Negative samples will be tested again in 7 days"

Koca commented:

"We will collect samples once again after 7 days and based on the result, patients may be quarantined at home. We receive reports of suspected cases across Turkey. We collect samples from all these suspected cases. To date, no test came out positive."

Babies stay with their mothers

Commenting on the medical conditions of Turkish nationals evacuated from Iran, Koca said: "Turkish nationals are under observation at 2 separate institutions. They are examined daily and no one has presented fever or any other symptom. There were patients with cough and sore throat. But they are getting better. All of their tests came back negative."

Noting that babies stayed with their mothers while children were kept in separate rooms, Koca added: "They stay in separate rooms thinking that they can be positive."

Adding that decisions of the Scientific Board would influence the steps to be taken If the virus is detected in Turkey, Koca continued:

"As you know, we have quarantine rooms and intensive care units ready in many hospitals, including City Hospitals. Only in the city hospital, we have 48 rooms ready to use with intensive care capabilities."

When asked about mask prices, Minister noted that people were entitled to apply to the Competition Board and added: "MoH and the Ministry of Trade are working hand in hand on this matter."


Updated: 10/03/2020