Minister Koca Announces New Measures Against Coronavirus


At a press conference held at the Ministry, the Minister of Health gave information about the current situation about and measures taken against the new coronavirus epidemic.

Stating that 639 people died in China due to the disease, Koca said: "3151 new cases were detected in the last 24 hours. Majority of the fatal cases are people 60 or over with a chronic disease or weak immunity."

The Minister also gave information about the condition of Turkish nationals evacuated from China and said:

"As you know, 61 people have been under observation at Zekai Tahir Burak Hospital for 6 days. Initial tests were found negative. Second samples were collected. I'd like to say that the second samples were also negative for 61 people. Coronavirus infection was not detected in any of the 61 people arrived from China."

"Scientific Committee will convene next week"

Pointing out the next week's scientific committee meeting, Koca continued: "A research and innovation forum will be held by the World Health Organization (WHO) to explore solutions for the coronavirus epidemic. 3 representatives from Turkey, 2 from the Scientific Committee, will attend this forum."

Pointing out that the scope of thermal camera scans used for flights from China were being extended, Koca continued:

"After suspending flights to and from China, we are now checking passengers coming from abroad at all international airports in line with the decision of the Scientific Board. Scanning efforts that are ongoing at 17 airports did not show any suspected passengers."

"Ones coming from China to Turkey will be on a 14-day leave"

Adding that they submitted an official letter to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policies and the Chinese Embassy, Koca continued:

"In this letter, we asked the authorities to allow Chinese citizens coming to Turkey to work to have a 14-day leave, to provide their contact information to provincial health directorates, to follow up on their symptoms and make sure that they start working with the permisson of the Ministry of Health."


Updated: 02/03/2020