Minister Visits Van After the Avalanche Disaster


Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca, went to Bahçesaray district of Van following two avalanche falls. After his visit to the injured, Koca delivered a statement.

In his press statement, the Minister told the reporters he came to Van to see the scene of accident and visit the injured due to the avalanche.

"75 people were brought to the hospital injured"

Koca provided information about the number of injured and said:

"The total number of injured patients brought into the hospitals is 75. Out of 75, we visited 47 patients who are being treated at the hospital. Out of 47, 6 patients are in intensive care. Patients who are being treated in the intensive care unit are not in critical condition. One patient is planned to undergo surgery, other than that, medical conditions of remaining patients are good, no one is in critical condition."

Noting that 5 people died in the first avalanche and 33 people died in the second, Koca conveyed his condolences and wished a speedy recovery for the injured.

Pointing out the selfless efforts of all medical teams in Van after the avalanche disaster, Koca added: "A reinforcement of 700 medical rescue teams, emergency response teams and expert teams were dispatched."

Koca also added that 119 ambulances were swiftly dispatched to the field and medical interventions were made by expert staff.

Koca thanked all the rescue teams for their efforts.


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Updated: 02/03/2020