Statement About the New Coronavirus (nCoV-2019) Epidemic

The new coronavirus that emerged in China and is now rapidly spreading across the globe causes severe disease and death.

This new coronavirus disease caused concern due to its global impact and WHO declared a public health emergency of international concern. This was the fifth international emergency declared by the WHO within the last 10 years.

WHO's public health emergency of international concern declaration suggests all countries to develop surveillance for severe acute respiratory infections and carefully review unusual cases of acute respiratory infection and pneumonia. It calls upon Member States to strengthen their preparedness capacities for health emergencies in line with International Health Regulations (2005).

The need for rapid response by well-trained and experienced healthcare professionals was once again proven to be effective for preventing and responding to epidemics that have the potential to spread globally.

With well-trained healthcare professionals and a wide network of healthcare facilities, Turkey has a very strong healthcare system and healthcare provision. By means of this capacity and past experiences, Turkey is determined to protect her land and people from this threat. Same determination also goes for supporting countries, China in particular, that are suffering from it.

Turkey has always been one of the first countries to respond to natural disasters wherever in the world. We believe that our Chinese counterparts and government will overcome this problem as soon as possible. As Turkey, we are ready to share our capacity and experience. We are ready to support the people of China.

Chinese government's Belt and Road Initiative is supported by Turkey not only in the fields of trade and technology, but also healthcare.

In today's globalizing world where the movement of goods and people is getting faster and distances get shorter, the fight against such diseases should not only be fought for protection purposes but also for humanitarian reasons.

On the matter of this coronavirus infection, the whole world should stand in solidarity with the people of China without waiting for an invitation.

In global issues similar to this one and even in local disaster situations, countries that have the means must show unity and solidarity within their capacities without expecting a call for help.

The Republic of Turkey and the Turkish people stand by the Chinese people in these challenging times and affirm their amicable sentiments toward them.

Dr. Fahrettin Koca
Minister of Health
of the Republic of Turkey

Updated: 27/02/2020