Fahrettin Koca Discusses Measures and Current Situation About Coronavirus


Following the Scientific Committee meeting, Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca, delivered a statement on current developments about the new coronavirus and on Turkish nationals evacuated from China.

In his speech, Koca said: "In line with the recommendations of our Ministry's Scientific Committee, we are implementing measures meticulously."

Pointing out the fact that the guide involving information about the diagnosis and treatment of the new coronavirus disease and protective measures was one of the first informative guides on the subject, Koca continued:

"This guide is constantly updated based on data coming from China, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other countries. In terms of initial preparations, Turkey has achieved a lot. WHO even commended Turkey its preparedness capacity and for the measures taken."

"Turkey one of the first countries to take action"

"Thanks to our past experiences, strong healthcare organization and dynamic personnel, Turkey was one of the first countries to take action" said the Minister and added: "As of today, the number of cases reported from China is 14.628 including 348 treated and 305 deaths." The disease has spread to 26 countries, mainly to the Far East. The number of cases reported outside China is 177."

"There are no cases of new coronavirus disease in Turkey"

Pointing out that there are no cases of people under 15, Koca said:

"Death is usually seen in people 65 and over. There are no cases of new coronavirus disease in Turkey. Yesterday, 18 samples were tested in the National Virology Laboratory, which resulted negative.  We have shared all measures and developments with the public in a transparent manner and we will continue to do so.

All of our capacity and capabilities are mobilized for the safety, health and peace of our people. Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs successfully completed a joint operation with the Ministry of National Defence. We follow up on this matter based on the recommendations of the Scientific Board."

Wuhan evacuees are in good condition

Briefing the press about the evacuees, Koca said: "Even though we are almost sure that they are healthy, they will be monitored in the hospital for 14 days as per the recommendation of the Scientific Committee. Everyone on the aircraft, including the healthcare personnel and cabin crew are being monitored at Zekai Tahir Burak Hospital, which was specifically equipped for this purpose. So far, they are all in good health and there are no signs of any disease.

Each person stays in individual isolated rooms and use disposable materials in line with the Board's recommendation. WHO updates its knowledge about the virus as it gets more information. So, there is no recommended procedure before 14 days but this can change."


Updated: 26/02/2020