Koca Inspects Coronavirus Measures at the Airport


Dr. Fahrettin Koca, Minister of Health, inspected Coronavirus measures at Istanbul Airport. The Minister delivered a statement after the inspection.

First, Koca visited the short-stay unit, which was established at the airport as a part of the measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic, then he moved onto the area where the passengers from China are checked with thermal cameras.

Following the short-stay unit, the Minister inspected the emergency ambulance equipped with special devices and a negative-pressure stretcher.

In his statement, Koca mentioned that he came to the airport to see the measures taken against the disease caused by a type of Coronavirus from China.

Pointing out that they started using thermal cameras and masks even when WHO said it was still too early for Turkey, Koca stated:

"11 thousand people arrived from China were scanned through these cameras. No positive cases were detected. We swiftly put to use our quarantine rooms, negative pressure stretchers and ambulances."

Underlining that the Scientific Committee rapidly published a guide, Koca said: "A guide has been published that explains in detail how suspicious cases should be evaluated and what to be done in diagnosis and treatment stages. As standard procedure, whenever a person goes to a hospital in Turkey, this guide will be made use of. I would like to especially stress everyone not to be anxious."

Noting that the Ministry would inform the public based on the instructions of the Scientific Board, Koca continued:

I would like to remind everyone not to pay attention to false or biased information except for warnings and information issued by the Ministry. There is a lot of disinformation circulating around in social media both in Turkey and around the world, so, in particular, pay regard to information shared by the MoH."

"99 percent of cases so far is from China”

Stressing that 99% of cases so far are related to China, Minister said: "Please refer to the nearest healthcare facility if you experience fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. after coming in contact with someone, who has been to China."

After being reminded of WHO's statement that there were no travel restrictions, Koca said: "There is no travel restriction, however, it is recommended not to travel to the region or regions that are the sources of the infection unless it is obligatory".


Updated: 26/02/2020