Fahrettin Koca at Opening Ceremony of HIMSS’19 Eurasia


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca participated in the opening ceremony of HIMSS’19 Eurasia EMRAM Training Conference and Health IT Exhibition.

HIMSS’19 Eurasia EMRAM Training Conference and Health IT Exhibition took place in Istanbul on 29-30 October 2019 under auspices of the Ministry of Health and with participation of universities, private hospitals, Social Security Institute and similar organizations as well as health authorities of the countries in the region.

“IT has quite a short history in Turkey, namely 25 years. However, today, the use of IT technologies has radically changed the health management and health service delivery, which brought about data-based management, patient safety, service quality and productivity.

Achievements of Turkey in this area may set an example for the world. We have developed many local health software. We have achieved to create a digital environment, which countries of our size and population can only imagine. We have reached the level of storing, processing and sharing data of our citizens. I deem it as an opportunity to develop health of our people, make correct health policies and keep our health expenditures on optimum level.

It is no longer possible to plan or provide health services without giving due consideration to IT.

Hospitals have now become very complex structures, which makes it impossible to work paper-based. Health facilities are like living organisms always dynamic and active on 7/24. The IT enables to keep these organisms alive, and ensure coordination of the functioning systems” said Dr. Koca in his speech.   

3140 people from 32 countries visited HIMSS’19 Eurasia Organization.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Şuayip Birinci, HIMSS CEO Harold F. Wolf III and Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made inaugural speeches during the opening ceremony.

Participants showed great interest in the digital hospital and other stands at the exhibition area.


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Updated: 13/11/2019