Prof. Dr. Alp Meşe participates to “World Walking Day” Organization

Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe participated to the “World Walking Day” organized in Sincan, Ankara.

After walking with the children, Prof. Dr. Meşe visited the stands for various sports branches to draw attention to the importance of physical activity.

“Studies have shown that an increase in body mass index increases the likelihood of many types of cancer. It is also known that obesity may cause many heart-related conditions, including coronary artery disease, heart failure and sudden death.

In order to promote physical activity and remove the relevant obstacles, we have prepared an action plan for the years 2019-2023. This Action Plan aims to prevent childhood obesity and decrease the incidence of the obesity-related diseases.

“Start physical activity at an early age, and live healthily” is the main theme of the organization today, and we have to integrate physical activity in our daily lives from the early childhood on in order to have a healthy life. 

Life itself is a long walk. We must walk not to avoid life but to live the life. We must walk four our health” said Prof. Dr. Alp Meşe in her speech. 


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Updated: 12/11/2019