Advisory Board for Hospital Infections Prevention and Control


Advisory Board for Hospital Infections Prevention and Control created to prevent health-related infections convened under chair of the Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe.

The Board brings together infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, medical microbiology and intensive care specialists, pediatricians and infection control nurses. Furthermore, it includes representatives from the relevant departments.

The meeting focused on the measures for prevention of the healthcare-related hospital infections, and the target of the Ministry of Health to achieve “zero hospital infection” was underlined.

Infection Control Measures   

It is critically important to integrate all inpatient health facilities into the “National Hospital Infections Surveillance” network, analyze the data by years and make the reporting. This method enables follow-up of the data coming from hospitals and also view of the corporate data by hospitals through the surveillance network.

To achieve prevention and control of the healthcare-related infections, infection control nurses are assigned on full-time basis to ensure continuity of the services. Moreover, hospital infection manuals are prepared to provide guidance in this area.

Infection control measures taken by hospitals will also be evaluated and audited in accordance with the hospital quality standards. 


Updated: 02/10/2019