Health Minister Dr. Koca at the Bursa City Hospital


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca visited the Bursa City Hospital, which will start admitting patients on July 16. 

“Bursa, which is already important with its industry, agriculture, universities and trade, will become a critical province in the field of health.

Total investment of the city hospital has reached TRY 2.3 billion, and it will become the health base of the region with its physical structure, diversity of branches, advanced technological structure and specialized hospitals of cardiology, oncology, gynecology and obstetrics, psychiatry and physical therapy as well as burn center.

Bursa City Hospital will act as the complementary component of health tourism for the region. Bursa is already rich in thermal sources, and the city hospital will enhance its role to host tourists for medical purposes.    

Bursa City Hospital is the 10th hospital that has been opened so far. It is located on a closed area of 475 thousand sqm with 1355 bed capacity and 49 operating rooms. It will make collaborations with universities and provide a location for cancer gene projects and related clinical researches.

The hospital has been designed to deliver healthcare services for 5 million people in Marmara region, and it will produce an added value for health tourism,” said Dr. Koca in his speech. 

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Updated: 18/07/2019