Bursa City Hospital to admit patients


The 10th city hospital of Turkey, Bursa City Hospital is getting prepared to admit patients. Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Muhammet Güven, Director-General of Health Investments Hüseyin İnceöz and Director-General of Public Hospitals Prof. Dr. Hilmi Ataseven visited Bursa City Hospital. Following the evaluation meeting, the ministerial delegation visited clinics, operating rooms, patient rooms, laboratories and other units.

“Bursa City Hospital will become a center of health where the most specialized operations can be performed and qualified health services of international standards are provided. The hospital will start admitting patients after all preparations are completed and finalized,” said Prof. Dr. Güven. 

Bursa City Hospital will provide health services with six separate specialized hospitals. There will be 308 beds at general hospital, 222 beds at obstetrics and pediatric hospital, 271 beds at cardiovascular hospital, 254 beds at oncology hospital, 200 beds at physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital and 100 beds at high-security forensic psychiatry hospital.

The hospital consists of 403 polyclinics, 49 operating rooms, and pediatric and adult intensive care unit with 217-bed capacity. 


Updated: 18/07/2019