High Council of Fight against Addiction


High Council of Fight against Addiction convened under the chairmanship of Vice President Fuat Oktay with participation of 11 ministers from the cabinet. 

High Council of Fight against Drugs was established in 2014 to ensure cooperation and coordination between the relevant institutions, and the Council was transformed into High Council of Fight against Addiction in 2017 by expanding the activity field.  

In his inaugural speech, Vice President Fuat Oktay reminded the constitutional responsibility to take preventive and protective measures to fight with tobacco, alcohol, drugs, internet addiction and all other harmful habits. 

“We will continue to fight with all kinds of addiction with determination. Today, we will evaluate our basic strategies against harmful habits, the implementation results of our action plans and the point we have reached in this fight. We will discuss and decide on an action plan that includes measures to combat behavioral addictions and prevent harmful virtual contents” said Vice President. 

“Without any doubt, the effect of prohibitions and punishments cannot be denied in the fight against addiction, but this struggle is not only a process to be conducted with prohibitions. We have to create social sensitivity and a widespread social reaction against harmful habits. Within this framework, we have to analyze the effects of technological developments on society and fight against problems such as drugs, alcohol, smoking and gambling as well as internet addiction. I would like to invite universities, non-governmental organizations, professional associations as well as public institutions and organizations to support mobilization against addiction in our country. We must do this for the future of our nation, our country and our children” added Vice President Oktay concerning the importance of awareness to be successful in this process. 


Updated: 18/07/2019