GETAT Good Clinical Practice Course


GETAT (Traditional and Complementary Medicine) Clinical Research Good Clinical Practice course was organized in order to establish the Ethics Committees of Traditional and Complementary Medicine and to increase the level of knowledge of the members.

Deputy Minister Prof.Dr. Muhammet Güven, who made the opening speech in the program, said that Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices gained legal basis with acupuncture in 1991 for the first time in Turkey and that the regulation became final on 9 March 2019.

“Researchers in the public or private sector faced difficulties when they wanted to carry out laboratory and clinical research in the field of GETAT, as some practices or concepts could not be perceived properly, which caused confusion. There are some uncertainties and problems regarding the initiation, maintenance, termination and supervision of the researches since the relevant ethics committees are not clearly defined. This has prevented the development and implementation of traditional and complementary medicine practices in an evidence-based manner,” said Prof. Güven about the difficulties experienced in the field.

The “Regulation on Clinical Trials in Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices”, which came into force on March 9, 2019, will enable elimination of these uncertainties and confusion, increasing the number of clinical trials in the areas of GETAT application, introduce and develop evidence-based GETAT applications and products, and define responsibility of the researchers against the volunteers.
Prof. Güven underlined the importance of development and export of national and local GETAT products, conducting patent and trademark studies, increasing research and development activities, training the work force in the field of clinical research, and opening doors to international and national cooperation.


Updated: 03/07/2019