Road Map to Fight with HIV/AIDS for 2019-2024

Launch meeting of HIV/AIDS Control Program (2019-2024) and “HIV/AIDS Diagnosis and Treatment Guide 2019” aiming to strengthen the fight with HIV infection took place in Ankara. 

Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe delivered a speech on occasion of the launch meeting of HIV / AIDS Control Program (2019-2024) which aims to create a road map in this area and fight with the risk factors to prevent spread of HIV / AIDS. 

“All our citizens diagnosed with HIV infection can easily access to disease examination and innovative treatment services free of charge within the scope of General Health Insurance, even if they do not have insurance before. Our citizens do not encounter with any problems in accessing medicines, including innovative medicines” said Prof. Alp Meşe concerning treatment of HIV infection in Turkey.  

“There are global targets agreed under the United Nations HIV/AIDS Joint Program which aims to decrease AIDS-related mortalities, ensure access to treatment for 90% of the persons infected with HIV and attain viral inhibition in 90% of the treated patients. In order to achieve these goals, we have to make sure that any discrimination whatsoever is prevented in health service delivery, and those infected with HIV have equal protection and access to health services.”

“Our country is still among the countries with low prevalence. However, there is an increasing trend in the number of cases with the social developments in our geography, increasing human movements with international trade relations, increasing awareness about the disease, increasing access to diagnosis and health institutions. The prevalence of HIV / AIDS increases especially among young people aged 25-29” added Deputy Minister about prevalence of the disease in Turkey. 

Having first been published in 2013, “HIV/AIDS Diagnosis and Treatment Guide” has been updated to ensure standardization in diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and protection services, improve quality of the services and provide guidance for the healthcare professionals.  

Updated: 02/07/2019