Launch Meeting for Development of Blood Transfusion Management System Project


Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Muhammet Güven attended the launch meeting for “Development of Blood Transfusion Management System Project in Turkey”. 
Financed by the European Union (EU) and Republic of Turkey, and implemented by the Ministry of Health, the project brought together the representatives from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Red Crescent and EU on occasion of its launch meeting. 
Deputy Minister Prof. Dr. Güven delivered a speech during the launch meeting and mentioned about the regulatory and supervisory role of the Ministry of Health, as the high authority, for delivery of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services.  
“We have made great progress in the last century about the transfusion. Regulation on Blood and Blood Products of 2008 restructured the blood-related units, and we made efforts to assign the Red Crescent as the exclusive manager of the blood supply as in the modern practices in the world. 
Blood transfusion must be safe as it may include many risks beside its life-saving function. So it is of critical importance to protect the patients from such risks and ensure due and proper use of the blood and blood products,” said Prof. Güven. 
“As blood transfusion will continue to be a vital requirement, we have to develop and adapt such projects to the current conditions. As Ministry of Health and healthcare professionals, we have to guarantee quality and security of health services. With this project, we will improve the quality and obtain good outcomes.” Deputy Minister added concerning the project.

Updated: 21/06/2019