President Erdoğan at Iftar with healthcare workers

Speaking at an iftar with healthcare workers, President Erdoğan said: “We work to turn our country into a regional center of attraction in health tourism. We have reached 550 thousand foreign patients annually. And this figure keeps rising with every passing day.”
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered a speech at an iftar with healthcare workers at the exhibition hall in the Presidential Complex.
“In the last 17 years, we have reorganized the existing hospitals in the country, increasing the number of hospitals to 536, and the number of hospital beds to 238 thousand, the number of MR devices from 58 to 892, the number of tomography devices from 323 to thousand 216, the number of dialysis machines from 4 thousand 900 to 17 thousand 330 by expanding the diagnosis and treatment facilities. Also the number of the ambulance today has increased to 5 thousand 148 from 618” said President Erdoğan. 
“Turkey has experienced a revolution with the construction of city hospitals, and we will build city hospitals in 30 metropolitan cities” added Erdoğan. 
Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca also made a speech and said that “Our greatest strength in achieving our goal of becoming a healthy society is having a wide range of devoted healthcare professionals. The health service is people-oriented service. Every step requires patience and sacrifice. This sensitive relationship brings us face to face with the undesirable events from time to time. It is not only a matter of public order, so we cannot find the solution by only looking at this point. We have to intensify our measures with a versatile approach. For this purpose, we prepared the Action Plan for Preventing Violence in Health” and started to implement it gradually.”
Minister Koca noted that they started working on redefining professions and jobs of healthcare professionals according to the modern norms; “Our main goal is to put an end to the status of allied healthcare workers, especially nurses and midwives. We started the process with the dialysis technicians, and we will proceed with other professional members to make it possible that they work in their real professions” said Health Minister.

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Updated: 28/05/2019