“Nurses and Midwives are the backbone of the health system”

Dear Nurses and Midwives, 
We target to have a Turkey where all communities adopt healthy lifestyles, everybody’s right to health is protected, and every person can easily access to timely and high-quality health services. 
Healthcare professionals are the cornerstone of the strong and resilient health systems which are required for health services delivery. Nurses and midwives are the anonymous hero among the healthcare professionals, and create the backbone of the health system. 
They are main pillars of our health system, and we cannot achieve our targets by defining nurses and midwives only as allied healthcare staff. 
As the Ministry of Health, we implemented incentives to raise the education levels of our midwives and nurses, and supported the completion of both associate and bachelor's degree programs and aimed at the performance of these two professions, not at the high school level, but at the undergraduate level. We have made great progress in this area.
Nurses and midwives take part in every step of our health system and perform important tasks. In primary health care services, they undertake a great burden and achieve great successes such as vaccination, pregnancy and infant follow-up.
The World Health Organization, acknowledging the important role of nurses and midwives in health services and wishing to raise awareness on this issue, has declared 2020 as the Year of Nurses and Midwives.  
This year Nurses Day coincided with Mother's Day.
On this occasion, I congratulate the Nurses and Midwives Day, and I congratulate Mother’s Day of all mothers and all women who will be a mother someday. I wish you all a healthy and happy life.


Updated: 17/05/2019