Health Minister handed over his seat on 23 April


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca received the children in his office on the occasion of the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Dr. Koca handed over his seat to Kayhan Faruk Yaşar, 1st grader at Çankaya Köy Hizmetleri Elementary School.

Yaşar gave some advices to children about not spending too much time with TV or tablets. He also talked about the importance of brushing teeth regularly and keeping away from fizzy drinks, chocolates and cigarette.

“We should pray for Atatürk. It is him who opened the Assembly, established the Republic and presented this day to children” said Yaşar, reminding the importance of the Children’s Day.

Health Minister also said that it is the day of the children and added “Today it is the 99th anniversary of our Veteran Assembly. We remember Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends with respect”.

Pointing out to the importance of the childhood period for healthy life, Dr. Koca called the families to help their children gain healthy nutrition habits and physically active lifestyles.  He also talked about the importance of keeping children away from foods with excessive sugar, fat, additives and trans fatty acids as well as substance and internet addiction.

Health Minister also touched upon the importance of vaccination and called the families to have their kids vaccinate during school age, as the first doses of the vaccines in the early ages are not sufficient to provide full protection.

In response to a question about sale of cigarettes in black packages, Health Minister said “We published he Regulation which stipulated grant of six-month period. This period will expire at the end of July and our firm determination will continue.”

Concerning the advertising ban for tobacco products on internet, cinema and digital platform, Dr. Koca made the following statement:

“We will provide clearer description of open space and closed space. We know that closed spaces are used like open spaces in practice, and we will make steps to prevent this in the coming period with stricter controls and cleared definitions. As Ministry of Health, we will undertake an active role in licensing of open spaces.”


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Updated: 24/04/2019