Mobilization by Ministry of Health to help patients vote in the elections


Health Directorates in 81 provinces used every means to health the patients receiving homecare services vote in the election of March 31st.

The circular on “Mobile Ballot Box” was published for the bed-ridden patients or those receiving medical services at home. In line with this regulation, e-medical certificates were issued for around 50 thousand patients.

Another circular was published last week to enable the hospitalized patients or those treated at home to vote in the election by transporting them in ambulances or patient care vehicles to their respective voting address. 7 healthcare professionals undertook active duty for this purpose.

Within the framework of the emergency health services, the number of emergency stations increased by 418.

Thus, disabled, old or sick people who wish to vote but cannot move because of their special circumstances were transported in ambulances accompanied by healthcare professionals.

The number of patients transported from their home addresses was 4 thousand 365 while the number of those transported from the hospitals was 3 thousand 739. Also mobile boxes were established in 736 districts who could not leave their address because of their health condition. 15 thousand 301 sick or disabled people could vote through the mobile boxes. 

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Updated: 01/04/2019